• Fresh Catch every day

    where everyday our local fisherman bring the best catches from the sea

    Located between Marriott and Moomba Beach just above Hadicurari

    $ 17.50

Nos Clubhuis restaurant

Nos Clubhuis restaurant (our clubhouse) offers an authentic Aruban cuisine and ambiance, right on the beach at the Centro di Pesca (In English fisheries center). It is where local fishermen gather and bring in their most precious daily catches. Guests are of course welcome to share this experience and interact with the locals. Nos Clubhuis is located above Hadicurari Restaurant, so come upstairs, have a few beers or cocktails and shoot the breeze. Our chef is waiting to welcome you. Bonbini na Nos Clubhuis, which means: Welcome to our Clubhouse.

Popular Dishes

Sopi Pisca

Local fish soup with fish & shrimp

Ribs Caribbean

Spiced and glazed ribs with rice and fries


Shrimp with garlic and fries

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Happy Hour Everyday

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Daily Happy hour 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Clubhuis Centro di Pesca


Fishing is an undeniable part of the Aruban culture. All throughout the island history, from the Amerindians to modern day, fishing has provided local residents with food, recreation and a means to earn a living. In the past, before all the hotels were constructed, small colorful fishing boats lined the shoreline and calm waters of what is now called the Palm Beach. As time passed and economic development.

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